In this section you will find some nifty tools I created mostly as examples for the Delphi ASIO & VST open source project.


Metronome for ASIO
A simple ASIO metronome. The click sound is generated in realtime, based on a very simple formula.

Download: 7z

Sine Generator

Simple ASIO Sine Generator
A simple sine generator for ASIO based soundcards.

Download: 7z

Noise Generator

A simple noise generator for ASIO based soundcards. Similar to the sine generator, but more simple.

Download: 7z

Third Octave Analyser

ASIO based Third Octave Analyser
A simple third octave analyser.

Download: 7z

VST-Plug-In Unit Test

Vst-Plugin Unit Test
VST-Plug-In Unit Test is an ‘Extreme Programming’ unit test for generic VST-Plugins. It is based on DUnit and allows automated tests for a whole collection of plugins. It has been written to ensure the quality for my open source project, but might be useful for other plugin developers as well. A detailed manual explains all tests.

Download: 7z (incl. x64) / Installer

VST-Plug-In Screenshot Tool

The VST-Plug-In screenshot tool is a small command line tool that accepts the VST plugin’s dll name and stores a PNG screenshot of the first preset to the same directory. If furthermore a .FXP preset is passed it will be used when rendering the screenshot as PNG. If no parameter is specified all valid plugins will be captured.
For details please read the supplied manual.

Download: 7z / Installer

VST Plug-In Preset Match

With VST Plug-In Preset Match it is possible to match a VST 2.x plug-in to a given reference VST plug-in for a certain piece of music. By using a metaheuristic DE algorithm, the matching result will improve continuously over time (if matching is possible at all). With the included ASIO VST plug-in it is also possible to match a VST plug-in to an external hardware device.

VST Plugin Preset Match Screenshot

NOTE: This tool needs a lot of CPU resources and especially time for matching. Please don’t expect immediate results! Also the results depend on whether matching is possible at all. Don’t compare apples with oranges!

This tool is my contribution to the KVR Developer Contest 2012 (DC’12). The included example VST plug-ins are not intended to be used outside this tool, although it is possible (see my other plugins on this website).

The application is also some sort of a fund raiser for the VST Plug-in Analyser. In case this little tool is popular, its functionality will be integrated into the VST Plug-in Analyser 2.0.

Download (v1.0.5): 7z / Installer (x86) / Installer (x64, beta)

Plug-ins only: Installer (x86) / Installer (x64, beta)

Archive: v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.4

Preset to Excel

Converts the presets of a VST Plugin either to Excel, CSV, RTF, HTML or plain text. It is probably non-sense, but I used it to study how to write excel files on this example. Maybe someone might find it useful though.

Download: 7z

Knob Grabber

This nifty tool creates stitched screenshots of every knob position related to a parameter within a VST plugin. It can be used to optimize complex graphics and reduce them to the minimum changes. It was necessary to make some older projects of mine compatible with the widgets in the open source project (the former rendering code is not available anymore).
It can be abused to rip-off and steal GUIs from other 3rd party VST plugins. Even if this method might not be illegal, I hereby forbit the use of the tool for this purpose.

Download: 7z

VST To WinAmp Wrapper

With this tool you can easily convert any VST plugin (except SynthEdit/SynthMaker creations) to WinAmp DSP plugins. This tool is based on my WinAmp VST Bridge.

Download: 7z / Installer


With this tool you can explore the internal structure of PNG files.

Download: 7z

Simple Text Search & Replace

While working on the modernized AggPas fork, I needed a tool to replace strings across several different files at once. Since I was unable to find an appropriate tool for this rather simple task, I wrote my own. The application has been released as open source on SourceForge with the name Simple Text Search & Replace

Project Time Log

For a consultation job I once needed to log all working hours in detail. To help me keep track of what I did when, I wrote a nifty little tool called “Project Time Log”.

Download: 7z