Since my childhood I was always fascinated by computer games. Even with very simple rules a game can be quite complex in its possibilities. Being a programmer, I was always interested in writing a perfect player that can beat every human player. Here are some games I not only recreated, but also developed a perfect player for. It turned out that it was not so complicated.


Minesweeper comes with every windows version and thus it has been a long time favorite of mine. I had done about 5 implementations to find the perfect player. Unfortunately nearly all implementations got lost due to a HD crash. So this is the most simple version. Done in approx. one hour for a joke concerning “sweeps”.

The game logic has been ported to JavaScript using Smart Mobile Studio. The game can be played online here.


BubbleSmile came with my old Samsung mobile phone and this is just a simple clone of it. It has a quite simple principle and it seems as if you could play it forever, if only you focus enough. It turned out that my assumption was right. You can even make it two times harder until even the perfect player cannot play the game anymore longer than several moves.