VST Plugins

On this page you can find some of my private VST Plugin creations. The plugins you can find here are some of my very first steps in digital signal processing.


Toadstunnel (Bit-Crusher) was one of my very first VST-Plugin. I made it to demonstrate how easy it is to make VST-Plugins.


Christortion uses a Chebyshev polynom waveshaper to excite harmonics of the input signal.
Each harmonic can not only be adjusted surgically in dB, but also the phase of each harmonic can be inverted. With this concept you have a very wide range of distortion that can be produced.

The plugin itself is donationware. You can still use it and share it for free, but I would be very happy if you donate some money.

Download: 7z / Installer

Audiocation Plugins

I’ve been responsible for the entire series of VST-Plugins from the vendor Audiocation. If you want to download the plugins, please visit their website.


Fibonacci Synthesizer
For demonstration purpose of a publication at the institute where I studied acoustics, I once wrote this little synthesizer, that creates sinc-interpolated fibonacci sequences, that can be pitched to any desired frequency without aliasing. While the idea sounds interesting, the sound of these serious is rather annoying. Especially since harmonics tend to be louder towards higher frequencies, whereas normally it’s getting more quiet. Thus it’s hard to hear a fundamental.

Download: Installer

Education line

Sigma Delta

This plugin demonstrates how Sigma-Delta-Converters work. It is kept quite simple, so don’t expect a good sound. But you can really learn a lot! Just try it!!!

Download: Installer


This plugin demonstrates how compander systems work.

Download: 7z

Discontinued Plugins

Dynamic Convolution Plugin

Although there is a patent on this technology, I have continued the development for private, internal use. This is legal, but I can not publish the plugin anymore. If you are willing to know more about this technology and if you want to use this for research or educational purpose, I might still send you a PRIVATE copy.


  • Non linear convolution VST plugin (time variant currently not supported)
  • Assembler and SSE optimised (about 2048 samples IR possible)
  • Zero latency
  • Currently only the upper halfwave can be modeled
  • Special editor for profiling hardware and VST plugins
    • ASIO supported measurements
    • Repetitions for noise cancelation
    • Lowest step user-definable
    • Impulse and step response measurement
    • VST profiler for scanning VST plugins
    • Special functions like ‘crop’ and ‘fade’

UPDATE: I only send out copies if you really have reasons why you want/need this! It’s not made for use in any production. If you look for something that is fast enought, take a look at Nebula