Object Pascal (Delphi)


My programming language of choice is Object Pascal, also known as the Delphi language in dependence on Embarcardero’s product Delphi (based on Borland’s Turbo Pascal). Based on the small and efficient language Pascal, it was intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring. With the object oriented extensions by Anders Hejlsberg and the foundation libraries the language is powerful enough to write programs, plugins, services, web applications and many more.

Regarding compilers and IDEs, I currently use Delphi and Lazarus/FPC. Lately I prefer FPC/Lazarus, hence the remaining bugs. But in contrast to Delphi these are fixed continuously without the need to spend much money for it.

Beside my work as a freelancer, I am working on several open source projects. Some of these are presented on this site, without the claim to be a complete list. If you want to know more about my open source work, please have a look at my ohloh.net account.

Differential Evolution

Different Evolution port
A port of Laurent de Soras Different Evolution. Works for a whole bunch of optimizations, for which no closed solution exists.

I recently registered an open source project at source forge called Object Pascal Differential Evolution, which contains an advanced implementation with respect to multi threading.


I’m also working on the GR32 library as part of the GR32 team.

Furthermore I have written some code to read PNG files natively. In combination with GR32 the GR32 PNG library gained quite some popularity.