On this page you can find some old MP3 files I recorded and produced between 1998 and 2005. Most of these productions were fun projects, so don’t expect too much.

A Capella

James Bond

This song was recorded in only three days with a lofi mic for the ultimate spying sound. Every voice on this recording is from my own mouth. However, some tracks are heavily processed by various VST plugins.

Everlasting Love

Again, every voice you here on this track is mine. This was a record for a sound contest in 2001. Unfortunately, I was disqualified because this piece was too unique…

Birthday songs

Annika & Sev (feat. the Saviours Allstars)

In the beginning of our soul band (‘The saviours of Soul’) we recorded several birthday songs for our friends. This is the second production, cowritten and produced by me.

Sarah’s Song (feat. the Saviours Allstars)

Sarah was an exchange student from the USA. She was one of the greatest fans of our soul band back in the year 2001 and so we record a song for her.

Bianca’s birthday

Bianca, one of the singers of our soulband got her own song, too. While the original song is private, this is the remix of that song, free for everyone to enjoy.

Sonja’s birthday

A cover song from the Simpsons. These yellow people rule!

Britta’s Birthday

For the birthday of a girl from my school I wrote this birthday song with my flatmate (me: music, him: lyrics). Various remixes of this songs were recorded as well…

Pfordays Pardy

Pförday was one of the nicknames of my flatmate (you may already heard him in the song above). He is famous for his parties, so I dedicated a song to him.

Cover songs

I feel good

My cover of the classic James Brown song.

So Broken

As a producer I also recorded a nice cover version of Björk’s ‘So broken’. The guitarist on this recording is Paul Schöne.

Anchor Song

I once invited the brass section of our soul band to play this marvelous björk tune. For the voice I ask a person from the internet (of which I unfortunately forgot the name). If she is reading this, please let me know your name again, so that I can give proper credit here!


The Matrix

This song was written and recorded in the night after i saw the matrix movie.

Guten Morgen

A song I wrote on a school trip to Avignon. In the recording two school mates on guitar, bass and vocals can be heard (Henning and Sebastian aka. Otto).