My name is Christian-W. Budde and this is my personal website. I have studied electrical and information engineering at the RWTH Aachen and I am now working self-employed as software developer and consultant.

With my specialization in acoustics and the hobby of making music, my main focus is on anything that has something to do with sound. The long-term goal is to complete an acoustic measurement suite. To accomplish that goal, several tools and libraries need to be written. I decided to mainly open source this code, in the hope of advancing the core functionality by the community.

The compiled code can be used via various front-ends such as ASIO and VST. I also created a front-end for SynthEdit for rapid prototyping, but I discontinued the development, since it did not work out, the way I planned to use it. However, dozens of SE modules can still be found on my pages.

My programming language of  choice is Object Pascal, which evolved from Turbo Pascal to Delphi, but also under the influence of Free Pascal/Lazarus and lately Smart Mobile Studio. I’ve created several open source projects like the Delphi ASIO & VST Project, PascalTypeObject Pascal PNG Library, Pascal Audio Interfaces and some more. Most of these are not complete, but there is a slow, but constant development on all projects. I am also working with and on the Graphics32 library. I also published several Add-Ons for this library such as  a seam carving unit and a native PNG library.

All compiled code that can be found on this website is available for free and most often also available as open source. Typically the programs and plugins are kept rather simple and functional, since their main reason is to demonstrate the algorithms behind. For simple tasks this is often satisfying, but for specific tasks further customization is necessary. This service and further support for my software is something I offer for money, so please don’t take it personal if I ignore requests that ask me to work for free. Note also that republishing without explicit permission is forbidden, because this software is my portfolio in the first place and not at all costs written for end-users.

With the profound knowledge about these audio technologies, I was working as lecturer for computer science at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institute, the Tonmeister Department of Detmold University. My engagement ended with the restructuring into bachelor and master.

Recently, I have written several papers in the topics electro-acoustics, acoustic measurement techniques and musical acoustics, with a focus on acoustic measurements. With my research about the confidential range determination in acoustic measurements and the research about audibility in DSP algorithms (in contrast to psychological suggestions by marketing speak), I was invited to hold several presentations across Germany.

On this site I also present some arrangements and MP3s I have done in the past. Also I have collected some (mostly private) pictures here.

If you like my work, please also consider a donation, especially if you use my code/tools for commercial projects.

Thanks for showing interest!


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