EQs & Filters

In this section you will find some EQ & filter plug-ins I created mostly as examples for the Delphi ASIO goo& VST open source project. Have a look at the source code or contribute to the project and modify all the plugins.
This sub-section features some EQs and other Filter-Plugins. The order is more or less alphabetic.

Bugpass Lite

A light and open source version of my plugin Bugpass. The filter kernel is significantly shorter. This results in less steep filters, but also in a very low CPU usage of only around 0.5% at least on my machine.

Download: 7z / Install

Butterworth Filters

Butterworth LP

Butterworth filters are designed to have a frequency response which is as flat as mathematically possible in the passband. This implementation features a simple lowpass & highpass filter with adjustable order.

Download: Lowpass [7z] / Highpass [7z] / Band Splitter [7z]

Chebyshev Filters

Chebyshev LP
In contrast to the Butterworth filters, Chebyshev filters have a steeper roll-off and more passband ripple (type I). They have been designed to minimize the error between the idealized filter characteristic and the actual over the range of the filter at the expense of ripple in the passband.

Download: Lowpass [7z] / Highpass [7z] / All [7z]


Convo FX
Not yet entirely finished convolution based reverb/FX processor. The impulse responses are preconfigured and there are yet not many ways to manipulate them, but it’s fun anyway!
A version using CUDA for convolution is also available on request.

Download: 7z / Installer

Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters

Dual Linkwitz Riley Filters
This plugin provides two cascaded butterworth filters also known as Linkwitz-Riley filters. They can be used for complete digital crossover filters inside the DAW.

Download: 7z / Installer

Simple Linkwitz-Riley Crossover

For a thread in KVR I once made another very simple Linkwitz-Riley crossover. It is GUIless and allows to split the incoming signal frequency-wise onto two channels. This makes it easy to use in modular hosts, where as it might be less user friendly in a typical host.

Download: 7z

Linear Phase Frequency Crossover

Like the plugin above, this ‘Linear Phase Frequency Crossover’ is also meant especially for modular hosts as it does not feature a dedicated user interface. In contrast to the above plugin this uses a linear phase filter kernel optimized for maximum steepness at a fixed latency.

Download: 7z

Graphic EQ

Graphic EQ
Simple Graphic EQ.

Download: 7z / Installer

Simple Linear Phase Filter

Simple linear phase filters, available as high- and lowpass.

Download: 7z / Install

Simple Linear Phase Linkwitz-Riley Filter

LinearPhase Butterworth HP
Based on the filters above these filters have a linkwitz-riley characteristic. NOTE: Since the accuracy of the characteristic depends on the available filter kernel length, this plugin can only be tweaked in realtime without clicks, if the host supports dynamic delay compensation.

Download: 7z / Install

Valuable EQ

This plugin is a sampled recreation of Tritone Digital’s Valve Tone EQ. It is completely written from scratch and no code/images were taken from the original plugin other than the impulse responses. However, since the IRs were only 16 Bit and slightly disordered, they have been sorted, cleaned and extrapolated in order to make it somewhat softer. It has the limitation to work at 44.1 kHz and the GUI is more ugly than the original one. So don’t hesistate and buy the original if you like this plugin.
As a “me-too” plugin it may only be used in non-commercial projects!

Download: 7z

Valuable Stereo EQ

Valueable (stereo)
To enhance the above mentioned Valueable EQ plugin, I created a stereo version with independent L/R or M/S processing. As a “me-too” plugin it may only be used in non-commercial projects!

Download: 7z


UNIQUE is a matched recreation of EricSound’s Uni-Q
It’s more simple and was made as an example for the open source project. Since it is a “me-too” plugin it may only be used in non-commercial projects.

Download: 7z / Installer