Here you can find several measurements I made in the past. The measurements have been done solely using my own, proprietary tools. I will add some more in the future, if I find some time for it.

Interaural Difference

For my work on the VST plugin ‘HeadphoneMix’, I needed to evaluate the crosstalk from the left speaker to the right ear and vice versa. To find a more or less globally valid transfer function I averaged every single transfer function in my HRTF database (from about 50 different persons). The function represents the magnitude. It turned out to be naturally that smooth.

C-Weighting Filter

Comparison of an analogue C-Weight filter and its simple digital implementation using bilinear transformation

Lowpass filter comparison

I compared three different lowpass filter characteristics here. Beside the magnitude, I also plotted the group delay.

Behringer Composer

Out of interest I once performed some measurements of the Behringer ‘Composer’. Here are some result plots:

Gate (static characteristic)

Key Filter (magnitude)

Peak Limiter (static characteristic)

Compressor (static characteristic)

Release curve (time domain)