SE modules

On this page and the sub pages you can find several SynthEdit modules (SEMs). I am not using SynthEdit by myself, but I was curious about how SynthEdit works and what possibilities it offers.
All modules that can be found here have been taken from my open source project ‘Delphi ASIO & VST’. Feel free to download the original source code and experiment with it.


SEM Convert
This module contains several useful convert sub modules.

Tanh Approximations

10 different tanh() approximations. Trade off between accuracy and CPU usage.

Trigo Math

Trigo Math
This module contains 25 sub modules for all your trigonometric math needs. You’ll find a single and double precision version (Float/Double) in there.


SEM Tools
Several useful tools. Converted from the common unit “DAV_Common” in the open source project.

Wrapped VST Plugins

Some wrapped VST plugins from the open source project. The files have been automatically converted using my VST2SEM converter.

Download (7z, 3MB)