On this sub-page I have listed a few of the public Web-Apps I have built in the past years. These are mostly client-side apps with many requirements (except for a rather modern browser). Feel free to explore the content online.


Every now and then I enjoy gambling solitaire card games to relax a bit. However, after a while, I always think about the logic behind and how to automate solving (or at least trying, as all these games contain a certain unpredictable randomness).
In order to dive further into the topic I had to write my own game as a basis for further studies. For the first experiments I have chosen the gamedesign.jp’s “Card” game as inspiration. It has been written as HTML5 WebApp, which can be played online.

An Android version for this game is also available in the google play store.


Me and my son invented a game to make drawings by numbers which can only be gathered by doing calculations. While it was just intended to burn some time, it boosted his abilities to perform calculations (addition, subtraction and multiplications) up to the range of thousand.

Unfortunately the creation of these so called “Lollipops” cost quite some time, which is why I wrote a small “Lollipop” generator for it. With this an SVG file can be created for a desired word. So far it still needs a bit of post processing to make it fit to a page.

Once done the file may look like this: Lollipop Mathematik