In this section you will find some plugins I created mostly as examples for the Delphi ASIO & VST open source project. Have a look at the source code or contribute to the project and modify all the plugins.
This sub-section features some of the modulation effects I created. The order is more or less alphabetic.

Barberpole Flanger

Barberpole Flanger
A simple Barberpole flanger implementation. It has roughly been implemented based on this wikipedia article.

Download: 7z / Install

Simple Chorus

Simple Chorus
A straight forward chorus implementation.

Download: 7z / Installer


Simple Flanger
Simple flanger plugin.

VST (Win32): 7z / Installer
VST without GUI (Win64): 7z
VST without GUI (OSX): 7z


Simple Phaser plugin.

Download: 7z / Installer

Ring Modulator

A straight forward ring modulator implementation. One input is hardwired to a sine LFO. Its frequency can be adjusted to achieve this tremolo like ring modulator effect. A registry patch is available on request to increase the frequency range.

Download: 7z / Installer

Bode Frequency Shifter

Bode Frequency Shifter
A frequency shifter based on a ring modulator and a hilbert transform.

Download: 7z / Installer

Granular Pitch Shifter

Granular Pitchshifter
This naive granular pitch shifter poorly performs pitchshifting with a lot of artifacts. It might not be used for clean pitch shifting, but if some character or dirt is desired.

Download: 7z


Simple Vibrato
Simple vibrato plugin.

Download: 7z / Installer