Before working on the ASIO LabVIEW interface, I started with something more simple. First I started to create a DSP plugin for WinAmp that allows the user to host any VST plugin and then I created the ASIO output plugin, which is more or less equal to the ASIO LabVIEW interface.

Winamp VST Host

With the Winamp VST Host it is possible to host any VST plugin in Winamp. Although only one plugin is allowed, several plugins can be chained by using a VST “chain” plugin.

Below all different versions are listed. Depending on your setup (Windows version, Media Player, VST Plugin) it might be more stable to use an older version!

Download: v1.0 [Installer, 250 kB]
Download: v1.1 [Installer, 506 kB]
Download: v1.1.1 [Installer, 655 kB]
Download: v1.1.3 [Installer, 655 kB]
Download: v1.1.4 [Installer, 648 kB]
Download: v1.1.5 [Installer, 719 kB]
Download: v1.1.6 [Installer, 719 kB]

NOTE: Since the WinAmp interface is not well defined and there are approx. 3000 different VST plugins I can not guarantee the bridge is working in any situation. I’ll update the bridge every now and then, but I stopped the major development as I’ve already spent too much time for only little improvements!

Oversampling feature

The oversampling feature increases the sampling rate by a factor of two and thus doubles the accuracy. This is in particular useful for plugins that contain or produce non-linear distortion. Any non-linear distortion in a digital system does contain aliasing, but with oversampling the aliasing will occur most probably in the higher frequency range. This range is not only inaudible, but also not present in the original material (since it has a lower sampling rate). For this reason the new higher frequency range is attenuated effectively reducing the aliasing.

Winamp ASIO Output

The Winamp ASIO Output plugin allows you to use any ASIO soundcard natively in Winamp.
In general the Winamp interface does not work well with ASIO, so using this is not recommended, also because it is still in a beta phase of the development.

Download: v1.1b [Installer, 259 kB]